Challenged Materials

The following is excerpted from the Haysville Community Library's Policy Manual. The Policy Manual is available in full at the library.


    The Haysville Community Library adheres to and wholly supports the Library Bill of Rights and The Freedom to Read Statement, both of which are considered as part of the Library’s selection policy. The Board of Trustees has also adopted the American Library Association statements on: Statement on Labeling, Diversity in Collection Development, Challenged Materials, Expurgation of Library Materials, and Free Access to Libraries for Minors.

    1. All challenges of materials are to be handled by the Director. An appointment may be set up for the complainant either to meet with the Director in person or by phone.
    2. If the meeting is person to person, a private area should be chosen. The Director and another Staff person or Board member will hear the complainant.
    3. The Director will explain the general criteria of the Library’s selection policy to the complainant. It should be made clear that the Library Board of Trustees subscribes to the Freedom Statements in this policy.
    4. If the complainant wants to continue the procedure for reconsideration of materials after talking with the Director, the complainant will be requested to complete the form “Reconsideration of Library Materials.” The complainant must be properly identified and the complaint form must be filled out in its entirety.
    5. After the Director receives the complete form, the Director shall appoint a committee consisting of the Director or a Staff person of the Director’s choice, two Board members, someone from the community who is a Library user and a person appointed by the complainant.
    6. If the complainant is not satisfied with the committee decision, she/he may appeal to the Board of Trustees within three weeks of the committee decision.
    7. If the decision is appealed to the Board, the material in question and all supporting information concerning the decision to purchase this material should be forwarded to the board for reconsideration. The Board’s decision is final.


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