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The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Web

International Newspapers
Updated 11 August 2008

Directories & Reviews
World Newspapers
World Press Review
Middle East Media Research Institute

The Age (Australia)
Al Ahram Weekly (Egypt)
Asahi Shimbun (Japan)
The Australian
Beirut Daily Star (Lebanon)
Buenos Aires Herald (Argentina)
Calcutta Statesman (India)
Calcutta Telegraph (India)
China Daily
Egyptian Gazette
Express India
Financial Times (UK)
The Guardian (UK)
Haaretz Daily (Israel)
The Hindu (India)
Hindustan Times (India)
Hong Kong Standard
The Independent (UK)
Indian Express
International Herald Tribune
Iran Daily
Iran News Daily
Irish Times
Islamabad Daily Mail (Pakistan)
Jakarta Post (Indonesia)
Japan Times
Jerusalem Post (Israel)
Kyodo News (Japan)
Lahore Daily Times (Pakistan)
London Telegraph
London Times
Middle East Times< /a>
Moscow Times
National Post (Canada)
New Zealand Herald
Novaya Gazeta (Russia)
Pakistan Observer
Pakistan Times
People’s Daily (China)
Pravda (Russia)
Russia Today
St. Petersburg Times (Russia)
The Scotsman (UK)
Seoul Times (South Korea)
Shanghai Daily
South China Morning Post
Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)
Taipei Times (Taiwan)
Tehran Times (Iran)
Tempo (Indonesia)
Times of India
Toronto Globe and Mail (Canada)
Ukrainian Journal
Voice of America News