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Science - Archaeology
Updated 26 July 2008

American Journal of Archaeology
The quarterly publication of the Archaeological Institute of America.

Antikythera Mechanism Research Project
An investigation of a two thousand year-old device now known to be a complex mechanical computer for calculating the cycles of the solar system.

Archaeology – About.com

The Archaeology Channel
Website of the Archaeological Legacy Institute.

Archaeology Magazine
A bimonthly publication of the Archaeological Institute of America.

Archaeology Magazine – Interactive Digs
Online reporting of archaeological excavations as they happen.

Archaeology News

ARENA – Archaeological Records of Europe
A cooperative effort by European museums and archaeological institutions to allow internet access to archaeological resources and information.

dig – The Archaeology Magazine for Kids

Friends of America’s Past
A nonprofit organization devoted to "promoting and advancing the rights of scientists and the public to learn about America’s past."

Internet Archaeology
An electronic journal for archaeological research.

Pech Merle Prehistory Center
A museum at a French prehistoric cavesite.

Society for American Archaeology

Society for Archaeological Sciences