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Science - Chemistry
Updated 18 November 2008

Chemdex Directory of Chemistry
A huge collection of links for those interested in chemistry, arranged in a variety of useful categories and subcategories.

A periodic table of the elements with clickable links to detailed information on each element.

Chemical of the Week
SciFun’s site of interesting information related to chemicals and chemistry, arranged by topic.

Chemistry Collection @ Franklin Institute
A resource for chemistry students and others with categorical lists of websites with information on a variety of chemistry topics, both elementary and advanced.

Delights of Chemistry
A website from the University of Leeds with four primary modules: two chemistry photo libraries with more than 500 images, a database of 40 chemistry demonstrations illustrated and explained in detail, and a module of animations.

The Discovery of the Electron
The story of the electron’s discovery from the American Institute of Physics’ Center for History of Physics.

Elemental Data Index
The EDI provides access to information, arranged by chemical element, from the National Institute of Standards & Technology Physics Laboratory.

History of Chemistry
Eighteen topics in the history of chemistry from the Woodrow Wilson Summer Institute and the National Science Foundation.

History of Chemistry
The history of chemistry from Philadelphia’s Chemical Heritage Foundation.

It’s Elemental
An interactive periodic table of the elements with extensive information on each element, from Chemical & Engineering News.

The Particle Adventure
An exploration of the fundamentals of matter and force from the Particle data Group of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Periodic Table of the Elements (WebElements)

Periodic Table of Videos
Video discussions of each chemical element on the periodic chart, from the University of Nottingham.

Sheffield Chemputer
A set of basic interactive calculators for chemistry (isotope patterns, element percentages, reaction yields, and more).

WebElements Periodic Table of the Elements

What’s That Stuff?
The chemistry behind dozens of everyday products from nail polish and instant coffee, through margarine and shampoo to sunscreens and shower cleaners, from Chemical & Engineering News.

The Wooden Periodic Table

World of Chemistry
Eric Weisstein’s World of Chemistry from Wolfram Research: dozens of links to chemical information resources.